Inside the Black Box




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  • Hedge fund investors who want to understand how quant trading works and how to evaluate quant traders more effectively, including:
    • Fund of Funds
    • Pension Funds
    • Endowments
    • Foundations
    • Investment Consultants
    • Family Offices
    • Wealth Managers
    • Private Banks
    • High Net Worth individuals
  • Quant traders, whether established or aspiring, who want a better understanding of how their strategies fit into the big picture, or who want to be able to explain what they do to their bosses or investors.
  • Discretionary hedge fund managers who want to understand the scope and impact of quant trading on their own strategies.
  • Hedge fund service providers who want to understand their most mysterious clients, including:
    • Hedge fund auditors
    • Hedge fund administrators
    • Hedge fund directors
    • Prime brokerages
    • Trading platforms
    • Outsourced hedge fund due diligence providers
  • Governments, including both regulators and legislators, can gain a better understanding of one of the most challenging and complex targets of their oversight, allowing for more rational and effective regulation.
  • The press and media, as well as those who organize hedge fund conferences, have for too long been outsiders to the quant trading world. Inside the Black Box changes that forever, giving these professionals the ability to communicate with greater clarity and understanding about a difficult subject.
  • Professors of quantitative finance or trading courses and students interested in these areas, and other academic institutions offering advanced credentials related to the capital markets, now have a definitive guide to quant trading.